Where do you live and how far is your nearest bar?

Answer I'm living in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and you can find a bar if you come to the main road. In fact, I'm chinese. I have been working here for almost 6 years. There is nothing interesting except Ethi... Read More »

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Where is the nearest jack in the box to me i live at 3480 Barham blvd., los angeles 90068?

Sunset and Cahuenga is the closest Jack in Box. What about Poquito Mas over on Cahuenga, the street before you get to Lankershim? Yum.

Where is your nearest RAC car insurance dealer?

You did not mention in this question where your location may be, so the best thing to do is to call them or to find their website. There, you could most likely find the closest RAC motor insurance ... Read More »

Your divorced parents live in the same state but in different towns you want to live with your dad but you live with your mom you are 17 what can you do?

if you really want to live with your dad and not your mom anymore maybe you can talk to your parents and work things out unless your mom has full custody of you just like my friend alyssa's mom doe... Read More »

If you are a non-custodial father and you would like to fight for custody of your son and you live in Illinois and your ex-wife lives with your son in North Carolina where should you start?

Answer You start with a lawyer. From experience, I will tell you that the longer a child has been living with the one parent, the harder it will be to change custody. A judge won't take a happy chi... Read More »