Where do you hang curtain brackets?

Answer On One Hand: Mount Just Outside the CasingYou can mount curtain brackets just outside the casing around your window. This is a good option if your desired fabric is narrow or short and will not oth... Read More »

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How do I hang curtain rod brackets?

Bracket PlacementDetermine bracket placement. Typically window brackets are placed on the window's casing or the wall. If you are hanging sheer curtains beneath a heavier drape, plan to place the s... Read More »

How far up from window trim should you hang curtain brackets?

When hanging curtains, you usually would hang the brackets four to six inches above the window trim. But this is not a strict rule; you can hang the brackets at any height that suits your tastes.Re... Read More »

Do you need both curtain hooks and gliders to hang curtains on your plain curtain track?

How to Install Traverse Curtain Rod Brackets?

The last thing you want to see is your new draperies in a heap on the floor because you did not mount traverse rod brackets properly. This can happen if you are installing the traverse rod brackets... Read More »