How can you tell if a womans orgasm is real or fake Answers from GUYS ONLY?

Answer I recall when I was a teenager that you could tell one of two ways: if her nipples became hard or if her tummy became flushed.... but between two people who love each other, that SHlT don't matter.... Read More »

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TH Family: Where are all of you guys from?

Is this site where the "best of answers" comes from?

I think so - but then - I'm partial to YA! :DThere are other websites that have the same itinerary but, I feel that YA has had the most success.Peace and Blessings

Any T-mobile guys on yahoo!answers?

no idea ..i have no mobile can get the informations from mobile helpline ...or yahoo /answers feed back service...

Where do you guys get your booms? or adorama or abesofmaine... lots of other reputable retailers (and lots of not so reputable ones - be careful).I use K-Tek booms.You can "make" one - technically, any long stick w... Read More »