Is this site where the "best of answers" comes from?

Answer I think so - but then - I'm partial to YA! :DThere are other websites that have the same itinerary but, I feel that YA has had the most success.Peace and Blessings

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How does your answer get in the best of answers book on the yahoo answers homepage?

You have to have a lot of stars and private watch list requests.To get all that you have to ask a unique question.

Is it possible for a hacker to find your IP address from Yahoo! Answers?

"Because someone can invade my account and change my password." - not with just an IP address they can't.EDIT: Yes I am positive about this. An IP address tells someone absolutely nothing about any... Read More »

Whats your favourite website (apart from answers) to visit when you are bored? Its full of addictive games and completely free, try bubble shooter, youll get hooked!

How would you react if someone from answers sent you a sexual message about one of your children?

O_oOh you don't want to know what I would do the them. I don't think Yahoo would want to know what I would do to that person. I DON'T want to know what I would do. If I ever go a hold of them, I wo... Read More »