Where do you get irregular heartbeats?

Answer Irregular heartbeat would be caused by certain health problems, if you ever have irregular heartbeat i would advise calling your doctor immediately.

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Irregular and fast heartbeats?

Fibrillation....and something you should tell your doctor about. Usually it is first noticed after stress or in your case a dream that upset you for some reason.If it happens very often it is a c... Read More »

Hi i have sometimes rapid heartbeats.?

It is more than likely due to your panic attacks, however it might be worth seeing if your GP will do a 24 hour ECG trace to put your mind at rest.

Ectopic heartbeats - how do you suppress them?

Most of the time, eptopic heart beats cause no problems. If you have had tests which have confirmed that the ectopic heart beats you are having are a benign variation of normal and do not represent... Read More »

When pregnant do you hear two heartbeats or just one?