What are be the symptoms of pregnancy while on birth control if your girlfriend recently started birth control and she is experiencing sore breasts and frequent cramps day after day for 4 days?

Answer AnswerBirth control GIVES you pregnancy symptoms. If she thinks she is pregnant she shouldn't be taking birth control any more and should see her doctor to find out.because birth control doesn't he... Read More »

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If you had sex when you were off birth control and got preg and didnt know it until you were put back on birth control will it kill the baby?

If the birth control inhibits ovulation, once you have a fertilized egg, it should be fine as it has passed the point where birth control will do anything about it. However I'm not a pharmacist / d... Read More »

Where can i buy over the counter birth control pills?

Dark Upper Lip From Birth Control?

Darkening of the upper lip from birth control is a condition known as Chloasma--a specific form of Melasma. The condition can affect other areas of the face in addition to the upper lip, most commo... Read More »

Am I able to take a break from birth control?

It won't increase the risk later as long as you start talking them 7 days before he gets back, like another answerer said, but as to weather it's "good for you" well the answer is no. It's not goo... Read More »