Where do you first start itching with scabies?

Answer Mites burrowing under the skin cause the condition known as scabies. These mites can infect any area on the body and cause itching. The itching occurs where the mites are located under the skin, bu... Read More »

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What are the first signs of scabies?

The first sign of a scabies infection is an itchy rash. This occurs because tiny bugs called scabies mites dig into human skin and cause small blisters, as the University of Michigan Health System ... Read More »

What do scabies look like when they start?

Scabies look like red tracks that appear on the skin's surface. These tracks may look like small bumps or lines at first and may appear on shoulder blades, between the fingers, in the armpits and o... Read More »

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When does chicken pox start itching?

Chickenpox starts to itch when the red spots become blisters. These blisters are called vesicles and they release chemicals that stimulate the nerves in the skin and cause itching. Blisters usually... Read More »