Where do you find the eucalyptus tree in Australia?

Answer Eucalyptus trees belong to a genus of woody shrubs and trees, most of which are native to Australia. They grow throughout the continent, in a wide variety of habitats and soil types. In fact, ther... Read More »

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On the Johnny Carson Show Orson Bean created a Eucalyptus tree out of old newspapers and I am asking if anyone knows where I can find this?

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How much water does a eucalyptus tree need?

The University of California Cooperative Extension Service suggests eucalyptus trees need about 1 1/2 inches of water each week, or around 6 inches per month during hot summers. Reduce this amount... Read More »

How do I shape a eucalyptus tree?

PruningPrune the eucalyptus in the summer, when it heals the quickest and is least susceptible to disease. Cut off dead branches or those that have become damaged during the season.Young TreesCut a... Read More »

Eucalyptus Tree Identification?

Eucalyptus is the genus name for a group of trees in the family Myrtaceae. The Eucalyptus genus contains over 600 members, most of what are native to Australia but can thrive in similar climates. A... Read More »