Where do you find software for downloading Rebel eos xt camera to your computer?

Answer OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer. Canon OEM would mean that the parts would be specifically made by Canon and not by a third party manufacturer.

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Digital camera samsung L200 and you lost the CD software to download your pictures to the computer can someone help you to find any website or store where you can find it?

I lost my CD to my Samsung L200 And I really need to upload my pictures. please help

I can't find iTunes on my desktop -- computer shut down while downloading newer version?

Go to my computer and search for i-Tunes or go into 'my music' and search. The same thing happened to me and all i did was re-download i-Tunes and all my music was imported back into i-Tunes.

Where can you get Canon SLR camera comparisons for the Rebel XSi 12.2 and the Rebel T1i?

It's how sensitive the film is to the light. Which is measured in ISO. If you use a film camera. The film box should say what ISO it is. If you have a digital camera, you can adjust it in certain m... Read More »

You install the software bundled with your digital camera but the software does not recognize the camera is present what do you do next?

Access BIOS setup and verify that the serial port is enabled.