Where do you find ordinance for barbeque grills in condominium communities?

Answer You can find guidelines for barbecue grills, their placement, use, storage and so forth, in the governing documents for the condominium community.There may also be local laws about barbecue grills ... Read More »

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Laws for patios in brockton ma gas grills elctric grills heaters on balconies at a condominium complex 3 levels garden style?

You can find the answer you want in your governing documents.Use of the limited common areas and common areas: balconies and garden decks is covered by your condominium Covenants, Conditions, Rules... Read More »

Where can you find a condominium organizational chart?

Your condominium association is organized based on some type of legal corporation, usually a non-profit. Your board of directors can draw an organizational chart for you, or perhaps your management... Read More »

Where would you find a plumbing schematic for a condominium?

In the local plumbing code under "condo plumbing and related piping"As well, you can contact a developer for a condominium project and request a copy of the plumbing schematic for a particular buil... Read More »

How do you find and download Florida condominium documents for a specific condominium?

Depending on which documents you want, you can look online in the county assessor's database, in the property manager's database or in the condominium online database. Be aware, however, that ther... Read More »