Where do you find meteorites?

Answer Meteorites can be found in strewn fields, deserts and craters. They are easier to find with a metal detector, since all meteorites contain metal. It's believed that most meteorites come from within... Read More »

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Where do meteorites originate?

Scientists believe most asteroids originate in the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars. Either the sun's gravitational field or its collision with an object in this area forces meteorites out of... Read More »

Where do iron meteorites come from?

Over four billion years ago, the inner planets and some asteroids between Mars and Jupiter had molten cores. After years of cooling, these masses eventually became formations of rock and iron. Iron... Read More »

How to Buy Meteorites?

Meteorites can make unusual gifts or an interesting addition to any rock collection. Meteorites are objects that have punched through the Earth's atmosphere from space. The majority of objects burn... Read More »

How big are meteorites?

Meteorites, bits of stony or metallic space debris that survive passage through our atmosphere and impact the ground, can be any size---from microscopic specks to mountain-sized behemoths or larger... Read More »