Where do i find the HM Surf in the Pokemon Yellow game?

Answer HM 03 (Surf) is found in the Fuchsia City Safari Zone. Pay the fee at the gate, go through the main entrance into Area 1 and take the path on your right. In the next area, weave your way to the nor... Read More »

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How to Find Dragonscale in Pokemon Sapphire?

In the "Pokemon" games Dragon Scale is a rare item that allows Seadra, a Water-type Pokemon, to evolve into Kingdra, a Water- and Dragon-type. In "Pokemon Sapphire" you won't find this item for sal... Read More »

How to Find Kyogre in "Pokemon Sapphire"?

Kyogre is a legendary Water-type Pokemon introduced in the third-generation "Ruby," "Sapphire" and "Emerald" games. It is the mascot of "Pokemon: Sapphire" and a member of the "weather trio" alongs... Read More »

Where is Kanto and Johto on Pokemon Sapphire?

The regions Kanto and Johto do not appear in Pokemon Sapphire. Pokemon Sapphire takes place in a region called Hoenn. The Kanto and Johto regions may be mentioned in the game's dialogue a few times... Read More »

"Pokemon Sapphire" Guide: How to Change Pokemon in the Menu?

"Pokemon Sapphire" was the first Pokemon game -- along with its sister game "Pokemon Ruby" -- for Gameboy Advance. In addition to a graphical upgrade, Nintendo also streamlined the game's interface... Read More »