Where do you file a form 709 tax form in the state of California?

Answer All taxpayers file Form 709, the United States Gift Tax Return, at the same address, regardless of their state of residence. For 2009, send Forms 709 to the IRS office in Cincinnati.Department of t... Read More »

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What form do I need to file Nebraska state tax?

If you are filing as an individual, use the form 1040N from the year for which you are filing. Corporations filing Nebraska state tax use Form 1120N. You will need different tax forms, found on the... Read More »

Is there an annual state tax form to file?

Forty-one of the 50 states tax annual personal income, basing their taxes on your federal return. Tax forms vary individually by state and are available from each state's franchise tax board. Of th... Read More »

What form do you use to file state taxes?

According to the Federation of Tax Administrators, each state uses a state specific tax form for filing state income tax. It is necessary to use that state's government website to obtain the exact ... Read More »

Do you file form 8832 with form 2553?

The instructions for IRS form 2553 state that a "corporation or other entity" that is eligible to be treated as a corporation must use this form to be treated as an S corporation. If the corporatio... Read More »