Where do you feel a bump when you first start showing?

Answer In your lower abdomen, the bottom of your tummy.

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What espn or car commerical has the kids in the van singing bump-bump bump-bump bump-bump ayi ayi ayi?

That commercial is for the 2012 Honda Pilot, and is called " roadtrip"/\ /\|| || || ||thank youp.s me and my sister did that in the car

What called the yellow bump showing on my white part of eye is this alarming on my eye condition?

it is called a pinguecula. It is caused by dust and irritation and exposure to the sun. It does not require any treatment. Wearing sunglasses and using lubricant drops may keep it from getting worse.

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Automatic car can you bump start or tow?

Most of the answers are almost correct, you can't push start an automatic, but provided you follow a few simple rules you can tow it to the garage. Do not travel any more than a couple of miles and... Read More »