Where do you check for tire size?

Answer The size of your tire can be found in the vehicle's owner's manual and on the tire itself. To find the size on the tire, look on the side wall. You will see some numbers and letters, which are the ... Read More »

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Does Wheel Size Determine the Tire Size?

Yes. The size is marked on the tire wall with a number similar to this: P185/75 R-14. This tire fits on a 14-inch diameter rim. However, this same wheel may take tires of different width (185mm) an... Read More »

What size tire do i need for size 17 rims?

Automobile tires are specified by three numbers for size: width, sidewall aspect ratio and rim diameter, listed respectively. To fit a 17-inch rim, the last number of the tire size must be 17, such... Read More »

If My Tire Size Is 265/75/15, Can I Use a 265/75/16 Tire?

At first glance, tire size numbering can be confusing. You may wonder if a 265/75/15 tire is interchangeable with a 265/75/16 tire. Once you understand the tire sizing format, it will become appare... Read More »

What size tire can i put on my z71?

According to General Motors' Chevrolet division, a Colorado four-wheel drive pickup truck with the Z71 package uses 17-inch tires: 265/70/17. A Chevrolet Avalanche that has the Z71 package uses 18-... Read More »