Where do you buy ink for your printer?

Answer Go to Best Buy. You get free paper and they price match the best price. You only save a few pennies by doning the research, but you can get up to 10 bucks of free paper, so that could be photo qua... Read More »

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Where can I get a special kind of paper where you can make temporary tattoos out of your printer?

I remember using some kind of Papers to imprint on Report Covers. They call it a Tracing Paper. It was used to print the Report Title and all... and then the paper was pressed on the report to make... Read More »

Where can you find an adapter to run from your printer to laptop?

Just get a docking station. That's what I did. I have an HP laptop and a Cannon printer. My docking station is made by HP but i'm sure most docking stations are compatible with all printers, lap... Read More »

Does any one know of a site where i can directly download printer drivers for my hp psc 1210 printer?…

Do you leave paper in your printer tray Won't dust collect on the paper and ruin your printer/prints?

i just leave it in there. but i also print something almost every day, so there isn't much time for dust to gather.