Where do women lose hair with chemo?

Answer Women can lose hair up to 14 days from the start of chemotherapy treatment and a month from the time treatment is finished. A person receiving chemotherapy can lose hair all over their body.Source:... Read More »

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Does everyone on chemo lose their hair?

Yes everybody on chemo does lose their hair and nearly always feel naauseous. I agree with you this person you know is attention seeking

Do all cancer patients lose their hair during chemo?

No they don't and even when they do thier hair grows back so she should look fine in a few years.

If you knew chemo would cause you to lose your hair, would you wait for it to fall out or shave it first?

Trust me, radiation first off it no fun but I've manage to kind of turn it around. I got diagnosed with A.L.L on the 5th of Oct and soon afterwards, a tumor in my brain. Here's how I look at it, yo... Read More »

Can women lose their hair?

Women can lose their hair. According to the American Hair Loss Association, women often lose their hair due to a hormone imbalance caused by oral contraceptives, pregnancy, menopause or ovarian cys... Read More »