Where do wind turbines come from?

Answer Wind turbines are machines that use the wind to create electricity. The turbines are typically purchased by towns and governments rather than individuals and can be purchased in the US from one of ... Read More »

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Where are wind turbines located in Ohio?

Wind turbines are located in Bowling Green, Ohio. Two turbines were built there in 2003, and a year later, two more were constructed. Ohio has historical ties to the wind turbine; Cleveland was hom... Read More »

Where in Michigan are wind turbines located?

John Deere Wind Energy brought alternative energy to Michigan with the Harvest Wind Farm. This farm is located in Huron County in the "thumb" area of the mitten-shaped state, near the town of Elkto... Read More »

What is the land like where wind turbines are located?

Wind turbines create the most energy when they are built in places with high wind. These places include hilltops and mountaintops, because high altitudes generally mean faster winds. Turbines are a... Read More »

Do generators from wind turbines create greenhouse gases?

Wind turbines are designed to convert natural wind energy into electricity and don't produce carbon dioxide during operation. However, the manufacturing of wind turbines, along with installation an... Read More »