Where do water bugs come from?

Answer Coming from the Hemiptera family of insects, water bugs can commonly be found in North America, South America and East Asia. They breed in water sources, such as streaming water, ponds and sewers. ... Read More »

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Where did the term brackish water come from?

Brackish water has a higher salt level than fresh water, but is less salty than seawater. According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, the word "brackish" comes from the Dutch word "brak" which me... Read More »

Where does Evian water come from?

Evian water comes from Évian-les-Bains, a small community in the French Alps and on the shore of Lake Geneva. The water comes out of the earth from a number of springs near the town.Source:Evian: ... Read More »

Where does rain water come from?

Rainwater comes from clouds that form as water on the Earth's surface evaporates. The sun's rays heat the water, transforming it from liquid to gas. Condensation occurs as the water forms clouds th... Read More »

Where does Aquafina water come from?

Aquafina, produced by soft drink giant PepsiCo, is produced using municipal water. The company has started noting that the water come from a "public water source" or P.W.S., on the water bottles. M... Read More »