Do water chestnuts grow underwater?

Answer Yes- The water chestnut is actually not a nut at all, but an aquatic vegetable that grows in marshes. (This is why the ones that you purchase in the store may have a muddy coating.) The name "wate... Read More »

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How to cook fresh green water chestnuts?

Please ignore the previous comment, they're confusing them with chestnuts (the type you get roasted at Christmas etc). All you need to do is peel them, slice off the top, then slice and add raw to... Read More »

How to Make Water Chestnuts Wrapped in Bacon?

This is a great appetizer for your next party.

How to Eat Chestnuts?

Chestnuts are widely eaten around the world, and are a feature of cuisines from African to English. They are an unusual nut, very high in natural carbohydrates and sugars. In that respect, they res... Read More »

How to Prepare Chestnuts?

We've all sung the song, "Chestnuts Roasting on an open fire," but most experiments with gathering chestnuts and roasting end in disappointment. Here's an easier way.