Where do typhoons mostly occur?

Answer Typhoons usually develop over warm waters in the Western Pacific Ocean and rotate in a clockwise direction. Japan is affected the most with up to ten typhoons occurring in a year. Typhoons develop ... Read More »

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Where do typhoons usually occur?

Typhoons occur in the Northwest Pacific Ocean and can affect countries including China, Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines. Typhoons can occur anytime during the year, but usually occur between July... Read More »

How often do typhoons occur in Japan?

Typhoons occur about 30 times a year in Japan, according to an August 2009 New Scientist article. Typhoons have caused considerable physical damage in Japan and negatively affected the country's... Read More »

How many typhoons occur in Japan in a year?

About 30 typhoons occur each year in the Northwest Pacific Ocean. Of those, seven to eight hit the Okinawa Prefecture, which is a series of about a dozen small islands off the coast of Japan. Of t... Read More »

Why do eye diseases mostly occur in people who wear strong glasses or corrections for many years?

A lot of those conditions are more prone to the elderly, sometimes people with high negative prescriptions (myopes) are more prone to retinal detachments because their eye is more in the shape of a... Read More »