Where do turtles live&lay their eggs?

Answer Turtles are reptiles and they hatch from eggs. Some turtles spend almost their entire life in the sea, while others live only on land.GeographyThere are approximately 250 species of turtles and sev... Read More »

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When do painted turtles lay their eggs?

The Western painted turtle, which is found in British Columbia, Canada, lays one clutch of eggs in late June or July every second year. The typical clutch size is six to 18 eggs. The species is end... Read More »

Where do snapping turtles lay eggs?

The snapping turtle species native to North America lay their eggs on land close to the aquatic ecosystems in which they reside. The alligator snapping turtle female lays her eggs in a cavity in th... Read More »

Where do common snapping turtles lay eggs?

Common snapping turtles are common in almost any body of water. They mate in open water, typically in the month of May. Snapping turtles sometimes lay their eggs substantial distances from the wate... Read More »

Where do grasshoppers lay their eggs?

After mating, a female grasshopper produces up to 25 eggs in her abdomen. When they are ready she presses her abdomen to the ground and makes a layer of foam. She lays her eggs into this foam whi... Read More »