How to Learn the Swahili Alphabet?

Answer When traveling, it is always helpful to know the local language. Swahili is spoken in many parts of Eastern and Southern Africa. Although Swahili uses the same alphabet characters used in the West,... Read More »

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How to Learn Basic Swahili?

Swahili, one of the Bantu languages native to East Africa, has many words of Arabic and Persian origin. Although there are more than a hundred languages and dialects spoken in the east African regi... Read More »

Swahili Language Schools?

More than 50 million people speak Swahili, making it the most spoken African language in the world, according to ELCT Language & Orientation School. Swahili is commonly spoken in northern Mozambiqu... Read More »

How to Learn Swahili Online With Sound?

Speaking Swahili is beneficial when traveling abroad or seeking positions where being bilingual is an asset. With the Internet, hectic schedules do not have to conflict with time necessary to learn... Read More »

What language was spoken in Tanzania before Swahili?

According to data obtained from the University of Iowa's Tanzania webpage, it is believed that the people who originally lived in the region of Africa now known as Tanzania spoke a click language s... Read More »