Where do the organic molecules go after photosynthesis?

Answer ATP, the organic molecule used in photosynthesis, is broken down into glucose and oxygen during this process. The glucose, or energy, allows the cells of the plant to perform their functions. The p... Read More »

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What do plants use in photosynthesis to make carbon molecules?

Plants use atmospheric carbon dioxide, a type of carbon molecule, and water to make sugar, another type of carbon molecule, and oxygen. This is the process of photosynthesis, which is powered by su... Read More »

How many organic molecules are there?

The simple answer is nobody knows the number of organic molecules. A more specific answer is there are tens of thousands identified, and scientists continuously discover new ones. There may be as m... Read More »

Different Organic Molecules?

Carbon atoms form the backbone of every organic compound. Hydrogen atoms regularly attach themselves to the carbon skeleton. Such atoms as oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur may also unite with carbon and... Read More »

What are the four groups of organic molecules?

Living things are made of organic compounds that are categorized into different groups. These compounds aid the living process by enabling functions such as oxygen and energy use. The four major gr... Read More »