Where do the containers that hold chemical fertilizers go?

Answer Empty containers which held chemical fertilizers can usually be disposed of normally. If those fertilizers were mixed with herbicides ("weed and feed" formulas) you will have to follow the guidelin... Read More »

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Which precautions can gardeners take so that chemical fertilizers stimulate plant growth at concentrations that are not so high as to damage roots?

That the product is used on the particular plant that it's intended for and that the product is applied completely in accordance with the product's instructions are the precautions that gardeners c... Read More »

Brands of Chemical Fertilizers?

"The nutrients in chemical fertilizers are in a form that is readily available to plants," states the Ohio State University Extension website. The nutrients that plants need can be obtained from or... Read More »

Uses of Chemical Fertilizers?

Chemical fertilizers are synthetic substances that provide the necessary nutrients for healthy plant growth and development. Chemical fertilizers combine synthetic forms of the primary macronutrien... Read More »

Why do farmers use chemical fertilizers?

There are two kinds of fertilizer: chemical and organic. Both restore the same vital nutrients to the soil,, but in different ways. While organic fertilizer is made of naturally occurring organic... Read More »