Where do the children stay if neither the mother or father has been chosen?

Answer Answer If grandparents or aunts or uncles (even Godparents) come forward the children can be awarded to them if the courts see fit. If no one comes forward the children will become a Ward of the S... Read More »

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Can a mother take children from a father and keep them at her parents' house before custody has been issued?

Answer if you have not taken care of what you need to in court then you cant you can get chaged with kidnapping!by the why if the kids are in no danger then its not good to take them away a child ... Read More »

If the custodial parent two children give one of the children back to the father does the father still have to pay child support for the one child that stayed with the mother or are they even?

No, the father has to pay child support for both children. Of course the child that decides to live with him will be treated as he/she were when you were both married, but the child you have will s... Read More »

If no paternity has been established and neither party has done anything about this does the father have any rights?

Answer The person that the women states is the father has rights until otherwise proven. If the father does not feel the child is his he needs to get a test done. The father though needs to realiz... Read More »

What can two children ages 15 and 10 do if they've been abused by mom's boyfriend and judge denies a restraining order of protectionare with non-custodial father but children want to live with father?

Answer Being that those kids are of school age, if they talk to counselors at school, the counselors have to report the abuse. They have no choice. Or when the abuse happens, the kids need to dial... Read More »