Where do the US Supreme Court justices sit during the President's State of the Union address?

Answer When the President addresses a joint session of Congress, as he does in a State of the Union address, the event is held in the House of Representatives. The US Supreme Court justices sit in the fro... Read More »

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Where do the supreme court justices sit during the state of the union address?

Why do the justices of the US Supreme Court attend the State of the Union Address?

The justices attend the State-of-the-Union Address as a courtesy to the President and as representatives of the Judicial Branch of government. They are not required to attend, however. Only six ju... Read More »

Can the supreme court justices applaud during State of the union address?

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Why do supreme court justices not stand during state of the union address?

There is no set person. The Constitution requires that the President shall inform the Congress of the "state of the Union". It doesn't have to be a speech, and it doesn't have to be every year. The... Read More »