Where are rocky deserts found?

Answer Rocky deserts go by many names, including reg in northern Africa, stony deserts or hamada in the Sahara. They are arid regions that have lost most of their sand and fine particles due to wind erosi... Read More »

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My bfriend wants me to start wearing makeup.where do i start from?

Well only do things that you want to do. Don't try to please others. But if you want to learn about applying makeup I'm a Mary Kay consultant and we give free makeovers. I can show you how to ap... Read More »

I want to start a preschool. where do I start?

Your first step should be to develop a business plan. There are likely organizations in your area where you can go for help with this. The next step would be to contact any licensing agents for whe... Read More »

How to Hike in the Rocky Mountains?

The rocky mountainsHiking in the rock mountains isn't easy. There are many obstacles, rocks, snow, etc. You need to be careful at all times in hiking. This article will help you. Here is how to do!

Is jupiter a gas or rocky planet?

Jupiter contains almost no rocky formations and is mostly just a "gas giant," according to NASA. In place of a solid surface, Jupiter has red, brown, yellow and white clouds, usually grouped into z... Read More »