Where do termites live geographically?

Answer Termites live in areas of the world that don't experience extreme fluctuations in weather. They can live in any temperate climate but prefer tropical and subtropical weather. Of the 2,300 worldwide... Read More »

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Where is strontium found geographically?

The ores for the element strontium are strontianite and celestite. Although these minerals are found in many places in the world, including the United States, the U.S. ceased mining strontium miner... Read More »

Do termites live in minnesota?

Although termites are sometimes found in Minnesota, it is not a common occurrence and they are usually only in metro areas and in the southern part of the state. The Eastern subterranean termite is... Read More »

Do termites live in wood?

Most varieties of termites live in soil and are called subterranean termites. Drywood termites nest in and eat wood, whether that of rotting trees or the structure of houses. These termites cause m... Read More »

Can termites live in lawns?

Termites can indeed live in lawns. Although most termites don't attack living plant matter, agriculture termites are often attracted to areas used for hay or grass production in dry, arid areas. Th... Read More »