Where do teens hang out?

Answer My friends hang out at the movies,basketball games,baseball games ,and hang out at the shops n stuff. To spot out hotties!!

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Places to hang out in Geneva, Switzerland (for teens)?

god knows, i grew up there and never managed to figure it out... we used to hang around town or at night the bars near the train station, especially pickwicks, poste and the clubhouse (probably the... Read More »

Any good places to hang out in NYC for teens and meet girls?

Depends on the girls you're looking for.Poser/hipster/indie chicks- bars around the LES (lower east side) or willy/bushwick or over-promoted raves Hippie/smart/rebel/counterculture girls- small ban... Read More »

How to Secretly Hang out With Smoking/Drinking Friends Without Parents Knowing (for Teens!)?

So you wanna hang out with a group of close friends, but the thing is, they smoke/drink! And your parents/trusted adults have told you to not hang out with these kinds of people. But you cant help ... Read More »

Where do you hang curtain brackets?

On One Hand: Mount Just Outside the CasingYou can mount curtain brackets just outside the casing around your window. This is a good option if your desired fabric is narrow or short and will not oth... Read More »