Where do tadpoles live?

Answer Tadpoles live in bodies of freshwater, such as ponds. A tadpole is the larva stage of a frog, and a tadpole eventually grows into an adult frog. It takes about 12 to 16 weeks for a tadpole to grow ... Read More »

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Do tadpoles need air?

Tadpoles are aquatic animals that breathe underwater using gills, just like fish do. As tadpoles transform into frogs, they grow lungs and feet and lose their gills and tail. It is at this point in... Read More »

Do koi eat tadpoles?

Koi will eat tadpoles. They eat many things, including worms, insect larvae, bread, lettuce, algae, duckweed and other pond plants. Koi are naturally bottom feeders, but will also feed from the wat... Read More »

What do pet tadpoles eat?

Feeding your pet tadpole is simple: tadpoles will eat either fish food or lettuce. If you choose to feed them fish food, a pinch a day will be enough. If you choose to feed them lettuce, you should... Read More »

What do big tadpoles eat?

In the wild, tadpoles mainly live off algae and small insects. In captivity, you can feed them lettuce. Boil the lettuce to soften it, then cut it into small chunks and allow it to cool before feed... Read More »