Where do stamps go on letters?

Answer The United States Postal Service requires stamps to be placed on the upper right corner of any piece of mail, on the same side as the address. Stamps cannot overlap one another, as the post office ... Read More »

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Can you use rubber stamps for sealing letters with sealing wax?

You can use rubber stamps for making impressions in sealing wax. To do so properly, make sure that the wax is hot and press the stamp firmly down onto it. For a clear impression, don't move the sta... Read More »

Where can I sell old stamps?

If you want to cash in on your old stamp collection, then consider selling them to a private stamp collector, at a stamp collector show or through an auction house or online auction website.Referen... Read More »

Where do all the Santa letters go?

Between 1954 and 2009, any letter addressed generically to “Santa Claus, North Pole” was forwarded by the US Postal Service to the Alaskan town of the same name, where it was answered by volunt... Read More »

Where can you sell old collectible stamps?

Some larger cities have dedicated hobby stores devoted to stamp, coin and other similar collections. Consult your local listings to see if there is one near you. Otherwise, you can consult the Amer... Read More »