Where do snapping turtles go in the winter?

Answer Snapping turtles go deep underwater or burrow into mud during the winter to reach environmental temperatures above freezing. The need for oxygen and food decreases as their body temperature lowers.... Read More »

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Where do snapping turtles sleep?

Snapping turtles sleep in water. It's important they have access to clean water for eating and sleeping; they spend most of their time in water. Dirty water can be fatal to the animal. Snapping tur... Read More »

Where do snapping turtles lay eggs?

The snapping turtle species native to North America lay their eggs on land close to the aquatic ecosystems in which they reside. The alligator snapping turtle female lays her eggs in a cavity in th... Read More »

Where do snapping turtles live in Minnesota?

The common snapping turtle (Chelydra serpentina) lives throughout the entire state of Minnesota in various aquatic settings, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources website. The ... Read More »

Where do common snapping turtles lay eggs?

Common snapping turtles are common in almost any body of water. They mate in open water, typically in the month of May. Snapping turtles sometimes lay their eggs substantial distances from the wate... Read More »