Where do snapping turtles go in the winter?

Answer Snapping turtles go deep underwater or burrow into mud during the winter to reach environmental temperatures above freezing. The need for oxygen and food decreases as their body temperature lowers.... Read More »

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How do snapping turtles eat?

Snapping turtles are opportunistic eaters, consuming nearly any food that can fit into their mouths. Snapping turtles ambush their prey from the bottom of a body of water. Alligator snapping turtle... Read More »

What do common snapping turtles eat?

Common snapping turtles are omnivores--they eat both plants and meat. With their strong jaws and bony ridge in place of teeth, snapping turtles feed on plants, insects, snakes, amphibians, snails, ... Read More »

When do snapping turtles mate?

Snapping turtles mate in the months of April through November. Once the females eggs develop maturely she digs a hole in the sand to lay her eggs. It then takes around 18 weeks for the eggs to hatc... Read More »

What do alligator snapping turtles eat?

The alligator snapping turtle, a North American species that is the largest freshwater turtle in the world, subsists on a diet of fish, worms, snails, snakes, tadpoles, frogs, clams, crayfish and p... Read More »