Where do schools buy the real care babies?

Answer Well, if you live in the America, then you would order them from Realityworks and if you live in Canada, then it would be Studica but watch out because the babies range from $1000-5000 dollars! The... Read More »

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When do babies cry real tears?

I got this off of a website: Hope this helps out.Babies are born with basal tearing, meaning their tear ducts deliver just enough wet stuff to keep the eyes moist and healthy, and... Read More »

Care for Rat Babies?

Rat babies require great care and attention. Before undertaking this responsibility, complete research to ensure you can handle the task. If you can get the rat past the crucial baby period when th... Read More »

How do you care for babies?

It is very hard to care for babies. You must give them food, warmth, attention and company. You can't take your eye of them or else there will be trouble. You also have to pay a lot of money for a ... Read More »

How to Care for Hamster Babies?

Do you have a baby hamster, but don't know how to look after it? Read on to learn how to care for your baby hamsters.