Where do rheumatoid nodules occur?

Answer Rheumatoid nodules are non-cancerous growths under the skin. These growths are often found on arthritic joints. The nodules can also be found on organ tissue such as the lungs and heart.Source:WebM... Read More »

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Where do tornadoes occur in latitude?

Most tornadoes occur between the latitudes of 30 and 65 degrees north. The area in the United States, known as "Tornado Alley," falls between these latitudes, and this region, which includes the Pl... Read More »

Where do typhoons usually occur?

Typhoons occur in the Northwest Pacific Ocean and can affect countries including China, Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines. Typhoons can occur anytime during the year, but usually occur between July... Read More »

Where do typhoons mostly occur?

Typhoons usually develop over warm waters in the Western Pacific Ocean and rotate in a clockwise direction. Japan is affected the most with up to ten typhoons occurring in a year. Typhoons develop ... Read More »

Where do ocean currents occur?

The wind-driven movement of water at the ocean’s surface is the ocean current. Some currents only affect small areas, while others, like the Gulf Stream or California current, are larger and perm... Read More »