Where do queen wasps go when they hibernate?

Answer The only wasps that survive through the winter are the queen wasps who have mated with drones. They are known to hibernate either in their old nests, in small constructed hibernation cells, or in p... Read More »

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Do wasps hibernate?

Queen wasps are the only members of the wasp family that hibernate. Queen wasps find secluded areas, such as small holes in trees or wood, where they hibernate through the winter, according to Kend... Read More »

Do red wasps die when they sting you?

No.... only bees die after they sting you

Do wasps have a queen?

Only a few species of wasps live in social colonies with a queen. Yellow jackets, paper wasps and hornets are all social wasps that aggressively defend the wasp queen and hive.References:University... Read More »

Do queen wasps sting?

A queen wasp, whose main focus is egg production, has the ability to sting. Her worker mates, however, produce more venom and sting more often to protect the queen. Worker wasp venom, when transmit... Read More »