Where do python snakes live in the world?

Answer Pythons are found naturally in mainland Africa, Madagascar, Southeast Asia, Australia and on some Pacific Islands. They inhabit rain forests, grasslands, savannas, woodlands and swamps and are know... Read More »

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Are Python Snakes Dangerous?

There is no doubt that a python is a dangerous snake and more than capable of killing a human being. The reticulated python can grow to be nearly 30 feet in length and has the ability to constrict ... Read More »

Do python snakes have bones?

Yes, pythons have bones in their bodies. Pythons have skull bones as well as some teeth. In fact, pythons have more bones than boa constrictors. Pythons are native to southern hemisphere areas incl... Read More »

Facts on Ball Python Snakes?

The ball python (Python regius) is a small species of snake that takes its name from its behavior of curling up into a compact ball when danger threatens. The ball python is a native of Africa, liv... Read More »

Can a king snake&python live in the same tank?

King Snakes should never share a tank with another snake. They are cannibals, and would probably try to eat their "roommate," even if the "roommate" was a python. Still, when housed separately, Ki... Read More »