Where do plants manufacture their food?

Answer the leaf

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Where do pea plants store their food?

The pea plant is formed from a nonendospermic seed. In these types of seeds, the cotyledon is the organ in which food is stored. The cotyledon makes up the largest part of the seed.References:The S... Read More »

The Parts of Plants Used for Food?

Virtually all of the various parts of plants are eaten, but not every part of every plant is edible. Some plants are poisonous and therefore inedible, some are not poisonous but distastefully inedi... Read More »

Do plants need food to grow?

only light heat and wateryes, they need NPK.

How are water&food transported in plants?

Plants get food and water through unique transportation systems called xylem and phloem. Xylem transports water through the plant, and phloem is responsible for carrying food throughout the plant.X... Read More »