Where do plant louses or aphids come from or spread from?

Answer Adult aphids of breeding age have wings and fly to a new food source: tender vegetation. Some ants also "tend" aphids, and will actually bring aphids to plants in order to harvest the honeydew prod... Read More »

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How do I get rid of tomato plant aphids?

Immediate StepsUse a well-aimed blast of water or the sticky side of tape to remove aphids from a tomato plant.Intermediate StepsPlace a bright yellow bowl full of soapy water next to the tomato pl... Read More »

Can you use ladybugs to eat aphids on a house plant?

actually both adult and larvae eat aphids along with other insects and insect eggs. The problem with them aiding with house plants is that the inside of home usually has very low humidity, too low ... Read More »

How do you see aphids?

you see them mostly on roses and flowers and bushes where you see mostly a lot of ladybugs.

How can i get rid of Aphids?

I'm sorry to say that if these are your prize plants for the annual village competition that you are better off dumping them and starting again. Geraniums grow fast and furiously with the right car... Read More »