Where do pine trees grow in Australia?

Answer There are few pine species native to Australia, but introduced species grow there on lumber plantations. These are located in New South Wales and southern and eastern Australia. Pine does not grow ... Read More »

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Can you grow pine trees from pine cones?

Pine cones contain a seed that can be extracted and planted as a method of propagating new pine trees. The cones must be collected immediately after they fall off the tree and only the plump female... Read More »

How to Grow Pine Trees?

Pine trees are evergreens that enhance your property year round. There are many varieties from which to choose. Young pines need special attention and knowing how to grow pine trees will help ensur... Read More »

How do pine trees grow?

There are more than 75 different varieties of pine. These evergreen trees are the largest group of conifers (cone-bearing plants). The cones are the fruit of the tree, and contain the seeds for new... Read More »

Where do pine trees grow?

Pine trees belong to the genus of plants called Pinus of which there are about 114 different species. They grow negatively in the northern hemisphere in boreal, temperate and mountainous forest cli... Read More »