Where do petunias originate from?

Answer Petunias originated in the warm regions of South America and are classified as either grandiflora or multiflora. The most common petunia, Petunia x hybrida, is a hybrid that is a cross between thre... Read More »

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How do i bed petunias?

Soil PreparationTill the soil well in the bed where the petunias will go and mix compost into the soil at the same time. The soil should be loose and moist, but not too damp, and it should be able ... Read More »

How do I pinch petunias?

Pinching the BloomsPinch petunia flowers whenever the bloom begins to look wilted and bedraggled. Simply pinch the stem between your thumb and forefinger at the point where the stem grows from a la... Read More »

Why are my petunias wilting?

Although prized for their hardiness, several problems can contribute to petunias wilting when they should be blooming. Some of these problems are easily fixed while others are not.DroughtToo li... Read More »

Do rabbits eat petunias?

On One Hand: Rabbits Love to Eat PetuniasRabbits love to eat petunias. With no exceptions, rabbits eat all varieties of petunia.On the Other: Prevention is PossibleMeasures can be tried to keep pet... Read More »