Where do petunias originate from?

Answer Petunias originated in the warm regions of South America and are classified as either grandiflora or multiflora. The most common petunia, Petunia x hybrida, is a hybrid that is a cross between thre... Read More »

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Where did pai gow originate from?

Pai gow originated in China. References to the domino tiles used in pai gow date back to 1120, during the Song Dynasty. Pai gow poker, which combined the card game and the domino game, was first pl... Read More »

Where Did BMI Originate From?

If you want to blame someone for your body-mass index, blame Adolphe Jacques Quetelet. Just know that you wouldn't have wanted to argue with him: The Belgian-born mathematician was known as one of ... Read More »

Where did swine flu originate from?

it originated in Mexico From a pig in 2005 a boy who mysteriously got sick for 3 days. The news people (can't think of the name) thaught they shouldnt make a big deal out of it.But now it's a world... Read More »

Where did eyeglasses originate from?

Eyeglasses originated in Italy during the late 13th century. Prior to this, people with poor vision had used magnifying glasses to read. The first written record of eyeglasses is from a manuscript ... Read More »