Where do perching birds live?

Answer Perching birds, also known as Passerines, live in many types of climates---including dry, wet, mild and tropical locations. They can be found in grasslands, urban environments, forests, deserts and... Read More »

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What do perching birds eat?

Perching birds are the largest of all bird orders, with as many as 5,100 separate species of this type of bird. With this number of species, it is little surprise that these birds consume a huge va... Read More »

How do perching birds hold and sleep on a branch?

Many perching birds, including jays, wrens, warblers, sparrows and thrushes, belong to the order Passeriformes. Passerine birds, also called songbirds, have evolved a special foot structure that al... Read More »

Birds keep building nests and perching on my light fixtures and knob and tube electric. How can I repel them?

I suggest removing the nest as they are building them. Since they are built you can buy big aluminum owls to hang around. The other thing they fear is wind chimes. You can get rid of them this way.

Can Cockatiels Live With Other Species of Birds?

Cockatiels are popular pet birds due to their gregarious nature and ease of care. Smaller than other parrot species but with the same intelligence and ability to mimic words and sounds, cockatiels ... Read More »