Could the people Sam Beckett on Quantum Leap had leaped into remember where they had been after they returned back to their own time as their own selves?

Answer One episode in the first season shows a guy he had been as himself again after Sam was leaped into someone else at the same place and same time. That guy was talking as if the last thing he could r... Read More »

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Why do some people feel tired when they wake up even after they have got enough sleep?

Your body goes through sleep cycles, and if you wake up during the stages of deep sleep, you may feel groggy because your body wasn't "ready" to wake up - as opposed to waking up during REM sleep, ... Read More »

Where do they place children after they have been abused?

in either a foster home with another family or a home with hired caretakers

Does the cia kill people after they retire?

prob cus i dont know anyone whos retired from them and they do top secret stuff and have you ever heard of a ex cia flower sales man

Are people crazy after they get out of the Marine Corps?

No. They certainly will have taken their experiences in the Marine Corps into their psyche (with both good and bad effects), but there's no basis for making a blanket statement that even a minority... Read More »