Where do people get these freaky avatars that you see on gore sites, etc.?

Answer Hey!They get it from Photobucket, Google Images, Flickr, and many other images site. Many also make their on, on Photoshop, Coral Draw and other software.Have fun using images!╰♦╮ ÐÄŘĶǸÃ... Read More »

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Why don't people show their avatars avatars are much cooler then the little smiley face deale bobs?

I think what's written is the important thing, not some silly picture on the side.If you want to put a picture, go ahead. I couldn't be bothered.

Where is there Christian blogging & answers sites that have Rockin' music people, content with email address?

I can't answer your question directly, but maybe try asking in the religion section, in Christianity... There might be some Christian rockers in there who can help. =]

Where do they implant these new Bionic eyes (that restore some Vision) in blind people in the USA?

the bionic eye consists of a camera mounted on a pair of glasses. The digital camera is constantly taking pictures and wirelessly sending them to an array of electrodes implanted on the retina. Eac... Read More »

So where are all these perfectly healthy people without underlying health conditions that died of swine flu?

My husband and I are in Australia and we both got swine flu. Of course it wasn't fun, but all flus are bad... it was very unpleasant but was a lot like any other flu. I'm not sure what all the fuss... Read More »