Where do monkey nuts grow?

Answer Monkey nuts grow under the soil.

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If any nuts do not grow on trees which are they?

Peanuts. But then they are actually not nuts but rather legumes. They grow under the ground like potatoes.

Where do Brazil nuts grow?

Brazil nuts grow naturally in areas of the Amazon rainforest with a dry season lasting from three to five months. These areas are located in "Colombia, the Guianas, Peru, Venezuela, Brazil and Boli... Read More »

How do macadamia nuts grow?

Meaty, white macadamia nuts grow on fast-growing trees with dark green leaves. Macadamia trees prefer mild climates and are grown most successfully in California and Hawaii.AppearanceMacadamia tree... Read More »

How to Grow Brazil Nuts Faster?

Brazil Nuts grow on trees inside of a fruit (there are approximately 10 to 25 nuts per fruit). The fruit is harvested without damaging the tree, which is essential to the economic structure of coun... Read More »