Where did the nuns live in the Medieval times?

Answer In Medieval times, nuns lived in a convent or nunnery. Women were usually placed in them by their families; the church received the girl's dowry. Widows also chose to become nuns. In the Middle Age... Read More »

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Do nuns masterbate?

they are technically NOT supposed to.. priests are not allowed to either. masturbation isnt 'clean', its the whole anti-self gratification celibacy thing. but i'm sure there are some that do, they ... Read More »

My daughter who is adopted by my mom and step dad live in AZ where I live my daughter wants to live with us what age can she choose to live with us?

If she is legally adopted, her 'parents' have custody of her, and as minor, she may not live with you, if she doesn't have constent of her legal caregivers. If she lives with you before she's at le... Read More »

What Nuns Wear on Their Heads?

The piece of cloth worn on a nun's head is known as a veil. They can come in many shapes, sizes and colors. The different types of veils can indicate different things. The wearing of a veil is a ... Read More »

What do nuns wear under their habits?

Curiosity and rumors surround the tawdry question of what nuns wear under their habits. Unlike other religious edicts, the rules for what nuns can and cannot sport beneath their outer layers have n... Read More »