Where do northern fur seals live?

Answer The northern fur seal lives in the northern Pacific Ocean, with populations distributed on the eastern and western sides of the Pacific. On the eastern Pacific, the northern fur seal inhabits water... Read More »

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Where do northern pike live?

The northern pike (Esox lucius) lives only in fresh water. It is one of the most broadly distributed fish in the world, found in Europe, Asia, and North America. The northern pike is a common game ... Read More »

Where do hooded seals live?

The Marine Bio website estimates that as many as 650,000 hooded seals live in the waters of the North Atlantic Ocean, from Canada to Russia. The National Audubon Society Field Guide to Mammals repo... Read More »

How long do seals live?

Northern elephant seals have a short lifespan of nine years in the wild. Ringed and gray seals typically live up to 40 years. Leopard seals generally live up to 15 years. A southern elephant seal's... Read More »

Where do elephant seals live?

Elephant seals can be found in the warm ocean waters off the coast of California. They come to shore mainly to breed, staying in the water the majority of the time. Their range extends from San Fra... Read More »