Where do money market funds invest their cash?

Answer According to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the law requires that money market funds invest in low-risk securities. These securities include government securities, certificates of de... Read More »

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How to Invest in Money Market Funds?

Within the wide array of choices that investors have for putting money into yield-producing instruments, some might be looking at using money market funds to grow capital. Money market funds are a ... Read More »

Money Market Funds That Invest in Repurchase Agreements?

As explained by the Bank of International Settlements, "Money market funds (MMFs) are collective investment schemes that invest in short-term high credit quality debt instruments." As part of thei... Read More »

When were money market funds invented?

Bruce R. Bent created the first money fund in 1970 called the The Reserve of New York, formerly known as The Reserve Fund. Bent recognized the need for an investment instrument to capture the Treas... Read More »

Are money market funds safe?

On One Hand: Invest in Low-Risk SecuritiesBy law, money market funds are required to invest in low risk securities. Investments will typically include certificates of deposit, government-backed de... Read More »