Where can you find llamas?

Answer Llamas can be found naturally in the cooler and more elevated highlands of South America. There are an estimated 7 million llamas living in South America. Llamas may also be found in captivity on r... Read More »

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Where Did BMI Originate From?

If you want to blame someone for your body-mass index, blame Adolphe Jacques Quetelet. Just know that you wouldn't have wanted to argue with him: The Belgian-born mathematician was known as one of ... Read More »

Where did pai gow originate from?

Pai gow originated in China. References to the domino tiles used in pai gow date back to 1120, during the Song Dynasty. Pai gow poker, which combined the card game and the domino game, was first pl... Read More »

Where do cellos originate from?

The cello, also known as the violoncello, originated in Italy during the 16th century. Andrea Amati invented one of the first of these bass violins with just three strings. One of his first replica... Read More »

Where did harps originate from?

It's not known for certain where harps originally originated, although cave paintings from 15,000 B.C.E. depicting a harp-like instrument were found in France, and depictions of harp-like instrumen... Read More »