Where do jalapeno seeds come from?

Answer the inside of jalapeno peppers

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How to Prepare Jalapeno Seeds for Planting?

Native to South America, jalapeno peppers (Capsicum annuum) are part of the nightshade family that includes potato, eggplant, and tomato. Growing jalapenos is easy, but germinating seeds is a bit ... Read More »

Can You Grow Fruit From Jalapeno Seeds?

There's a certain thrill from starting a plant from saved seed. Jalapeno peppers are full of seeds, and those seeds could quite possibly sprout and grow, but you may not get what you're expecting. ... Read More »

Is a jalapeno a vegetable?

AnswerThough normally thought of as a vegetable, the jalapeño chili pepper is a fruit. It is Relatively spicy, and can be tasted in 50 pounds of mild sauce.

Jalapeno Propagation?

Perhaps no other home garden plant comes in so many varieties with so many different flavors and heats than peppers. Some peppers are so sweet that you can eat them like apples, while others are so... Read More »