Where do i locate the mac address on my computer?

Answer Click "Start," and type "cmd" in the instant search field. "Cmd" appears in the list for you to choose. Select "cmd" and type "ipconfig /all." Scroll down through your list to find your MAC address... Read More »

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Can an ip address locate computer user's exact location ?

Yes and no... Anyone like me will only find the city and the ISP (the Internet company) that you get service from. Other than the people who work for ISP and have access to their log records, no on... Read More »

Can you locate someone by their IP address?

The IP (Internet Protocol) address of a computer refers to its specific location or identity on a computer network such as the Internet. You can use the IP address of a computer to identify the geo... Read More »

How to Locate Someone by Their Last Known Address?

Locating a long-lost friend, relative, former lover or other person by their last known address is possible in several ways. The Internet is the fastest way to accomplish the search. You should b... Read More »

How to Locate Someone's Address for Free?

Perhaps you've lost touch with a friend and you'd like to reconnect, or maybe you need to find someone's address as part of your job. Fortunately, there are multiple ways you can try to locate the ... Read More »